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We got the system in 2006.Last December system just blow up -destroyed floor..Technicians came-fix the problem-took the check for 180$. After a while, company manager in MN agreed to pay us this 180 $ back...but because the person who file the claim was my mother in law-they write the check on her name not on my husbands or my-actual people who paid to fix the problem and who own the system.

When i called to talk with the person who write the check she in very nasty manner said that thats not her problem. They pay to the person who file the claim and they dont have a time to look who own this system or who pay to fix this. Nice practice,right?

So im going to contact consumer affair in TN (where i live) along with BBB and i will go from there. And i will NEVER EVER recommend Eco Water to any one except my enemies.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #718637

Just curious was this system installed by Advanced Aqua solutions?


I do not see what the problem is.Are you afraid to ask your mother-in-law for the REFUND that she recieved.Your mother-in-law wrote the check for the claim right.What make's you feel like the check belong's to you.The refund belong's to whom ever filed the claim and Also to who wrote the check.Sound's like you are trying to pull the wool over these people's eye's.Honestly i do not blame your mother-in-law,I would keep the refund to since she had to write the check in the first place.

to Anonymous Walnut Creek, California, United States #613701

From my understanding system owners paid ( wrote the check) to fix the problem. Not mother- in- law.

She was the one who file the claim.

Maybe im wrong. But if they paid to fix the problem they own the system- refund should be on theirs name

Denver, Colorado, United States #613639

And you can't get the money back from your mother in law???

Why did your mother in law file the claim when it was your water softener?

There's something wrong with this story.

to The Vanguardian Walnut Creek, California, United States #613686

The point is..person who filled the claim get money not person who ownes the system.

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