Manifold on the Wher 12 leaks. EcoWater Systems expertly denies or delays consumer claims.

I contacted Lowes and Whirlpool distributors of EcoWater Reverse Osmosis System Wher 12 but they have not gotten back to me yet. The Wher 12 design has been changed to the Wher 25 to mitigate the problems, however, when consumer approaches EcoWater Systems, they expertly deny or delay the claims process and consumers are left holding the bag.

I contacted EcoWater Systems and they still have not paid the claim, it has been over 6 months of delays, lies, convient postures at the consumer's expense, denials, hours on hold, threats and just basic harrassment of the consumer to once again deny or delay the claim.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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same problem, ruined my cabinet and hardwood floor, still using it by hanging the faucet in the sink by the tubes

started about 1 yr ago, after the filters stop working ill upgrade to anothe brand


You have no complaints probably because yours doesn't leak----yet. Or maybe it's in a place where you don't know about a little leak.


i have an ecowater HERO375 reverse osmsis system and i paid 2495.00 for it 5 years ago and i love it and have no complaints. Im located in Jacksonville NC.

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