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Sometimes you get...and sometimes you get got. I was got.

I don't need to write 100 words to say what I need to say. 100 word requirement is ridiculous. I was taken for a ride by the San Antonio, Texas Eco Water Systems branch and it's no one's fault but my own for allowing it to happen. I simply stopped paying on the unit I had purchased and took a nick on my credit report, however it was well worth it because I'm not gonna pay for something that I was totally scammed on.

And that's just how that is. Now there's a 100 words for ya.

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To the owner of EcoWater Systems of San have no complaints or service records because you ignored every issue I reported. I guess since they were ignored you didn't count them.

My drinking water was suppose to be filtered and it was actually worse than it was before I bought the system. The water that ran through my wash was eating holes in my clothing. The water coming out of my fridge was leaving white residue on the drain pan.

I don't know what was wrong with it...I just know I could never get a response from EcoWater Systems of San Antonio. For all of u other idiots...I had it disconnected and moved on with life.


For the person in Dallas. You should contact DFW Water Filtration in Burleson.

The owner is a former EcoWater Dealer and he can take care of all your issues. He is very fair and professional.


I purchased this system and called everyday for three months to get service on a filter and leaking pipe and after three months of not responding I quit paying! I'm still waiting for a call or email!

Ive left thousands of messages and haven't heard a thing so what's the point of having bought a $ 8,000 system for my newborn if it doesn't even work! It's on my credit now but I honestly don't care!


Making a complaint without particulars is just blowing off. And I call *** if you can't say why you quit paying...thats what the 100 words are for


How were you scammed? What was wrong with the system?


As the owner of EcoWater Systems of San Antonio, we list a Juanita Shults who financed a system that she bought from us in Feb. 2005.

We have absolutely no complaints from this person nor a service record on her. I can assure any one reading this that if she'd ever contacted us with any issue...we'd respond.

Maybe she DID quit paying & had a problem then with her credit.

I especially have an issue with websites such as this that list complaints without even giving the business that is being discussed notice that a comment is being listed. This should be entirely against the law.


I wish this complaint explained what happened. Sounds like you financed your system and quit paying it. Financing on any appliance would net the same result with failure to pay.

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