View this video on You Tube: http://Youtu.be/Db9z6dz4Y_g. It is noisy and the water is not drinkable.

We have tried working with All about Water/Ecowater Systems for over 1 years. Their water system does not work, it is noisy, it waste water, costly & you cannot drink the water. I strongly recommend that you do not purchase anything from this company. Now the system is down, after one year and we are purchasing another water system that is more reliable.

We will continue to post negative reviews on every site we can find, picket them at every trade show they are at until we are refunded.


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Wichita, Kansas, United States #1121791

I have the same problem, ruined our drinking water, had system one month and they have only offered to bypass water line to kitchen sink so the water drinkable.


What other water softener company do you work for. Ecowater system are not noisy and have had great results.

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