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Had to wait for over a month to get product and when it arrived the box it came in had an empty cheetos bag in it. Horrrible coustomer service and Horrible managment all around a bad company. Take your buisness elsewhere. After purchasing the product did not preform how it was advertized and I ended up having to replace it because it started to leak after less than a week of use. When I called to try to resolve this issue they suggested I... Read more

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I have had my Eco Water System for over 10 years and couldn't be happier! I have experienced so many benefits, savings, and most importantly peace of mind. They have always been there when I had questions or service. I would recommend it to anyone looking for pure,clean, peice of mind water!

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I can't speak about the quality of the product because I suppose even the best stuff needs maintenance and repairs at times, but at what I am appalled is the customer service and complete rogue lack of oversight or professionalism among those this company hires to represent them locally. And I don't respect a 'company' that won't take any responsibility for their customers. I don't have a business degree and my only business experience is as a... Read more

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The sale representative Van was very pleasant and tried her best to get me a best deal as possible. The installer Mike was very knowledgeable and very efficient. My install was complicated for both the salt tank/big blue and the RO system in the kitchen but Mike took his time and paid attention to detail and took pride on his work. i am very satisfied with his work. I don't know how well the system will work but so far so good. Van was very... Read more

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Horrible systems I don't like it hate it. please do not spend your money that equipment

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I have had nothing but excellent service and quality products since day one. The Owner Brian in Vegas helped bail me out of trouble on day one of moving into my new home. Not only did he come out to help ease my pain (leak in the wall from a non-skilled installer), but had his crew come out the following day to install my new conditioner system. Since then, I have bee utterly satisfied with the product and service year after year. Whenever I... Read more

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Wow, these comments blow my mind. I have worked at Fresno Ecowater for quite a while and I know some things to be utterly different. First of all, the girls running the office there are really sweet. As a company that is covering an area as large as we cover the phones ring non stop all day. We are growing again and moving into a much larger building soon so as to handle the insane demand for our systems. I personally, treat every potential... Read more

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We had to change some of our fixtures in our home and were getting increasingly concerned by all of the pin-hole leaks reported in our area due to the very hard water and poor quality piping. We had to find a soft water company, and Ecowater came up while we were shopping at Costco. We made an appointment and they came out to inspect our water. After providing a reasonable estimate, we immediately signed on and they installed our whole house... Read more

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I wrote a month ago wanting someone to contact me, well you did just to let me know that though I have about 6500.00 worth of damage TO MY KITCHEN I was late on my payment and second call was to ASK me if I needed my filter changed REALLY????? If I don't hear from you I will have my attorney contact you, I am sending you some pictures of the damages. I tried to send photo's and even this doesn't work GO FIGURE! Celeste Sanchez 308-783-1596 Read more

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Ecowater Systems - My Complaints as an Ex-Ecowater Sales Associate
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I am an ex-employee for EcoWater Systems, and I wrote this letter years ago but was unable to find proper resolution to my issues and believe posting it here may assist my dilemma. This address the overall issues I had with my previous employer of EcoWater Systems, Skip Prevesk, of Orlando, FL. This letter will cover everything possible from the beginning of my employment (October 31, 2014) to my personal resignation (April 27, 2015). The... Read more

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