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We had to change some of our fixtures in our home and were getting increasingly concerned by all of the pin-hole leaks reported in our area due to the very hard water and poor quality piping. We had to find a soft water company, and Ecowater came up while we were shopping at Costco. We made an appointment and they came out to inspect our water. After providing a reasonable estimate, we immediately signed on and they installed our whole house... Read more

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I wrote a month ago wanting someone to contact me, well you did just to let me know that though I have about 6500.00 worth of damage TO MY KITCHEN I was late on my payment and second call was to ASK me if I needed my filter changed REALLY????? If I don't hear from you I will have my attorney contact you, I am sending you some pictures of the damages. I tried to send photo's and even this doesn't work GO FIGURE! Celeste Sanchez 308-783-1596 Read more

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Ecowater Systems - My Complaints as an Ex-Ecowater Sales Associate
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I am an ex-employee for EcoWater Systems, and I wrote this letter years ago but was unable to find proper resolution to my issues and believe posting it here may assist my dilemma. This address the overall issues I had with my previous employer of EcoWater Systems, Skip Prevesk, of Orlando, FL. This letter will cover everything possible from the beginning of my employment (October 31, 2014) to my personal resignation (April 27, 2015). The... Read more

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We purchased a system and we noticed that there was a leak in the system, then we noticed that the floor was a little spongy, my husband who is disabled crawled under the house and noticed that the system wasn't hooked up properly and caused alot of damage to the flooring and cabinets and I would think that it would have been caught when the technician changed filters which is another story in itself. I called the company he was rude and... Read more

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Usually company's that allow complaints to go unheard don't care...Well the owner of this company indeed cared and had the sense of urgency & honor of "principle" and "character" the owner Brian corrected the situation immediately and in retrospect I should have called him directly. Employees were following policy (I guess). I have in the past year referred his company four times and shall continue. The product is great the pricing was fair for... Read more

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The company failed to communicate a 60$ install fee when I ordered on the phone for replacement filters. Itt took 4 mins to install, the delivery guy said he would call the office and he didn't, I called the office and the lady on the phone (a partner) said she would waive the fee since the original installer implied there was no cost except for the filters themselves, then William calls and says they will not refund the 60$ fee but will credit... Read more

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My business partner and I were originally interested in purchasing a water filtration system for our business. Moore Water Treatment, Inc. recommended a softener + reverse osmosis system. It was priced at $6900 for the entire system and Moore Water stated that it would handle my needs of a minimum of 35 gallons per day with some room for growth. The system ended up providing only 3 gallons of RO water per day. Moore Water responded by... Read more

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Ecowater Systems May 26, 2016 241 N. Hydraulic Ave. Wichita, Ks 67214 cc: Kansas Board of Labor : Better Business Bureau : Attn: Nayely Simms: Ralph & Roni Moore I have been working since I was 17 years old. I have never considered walking off a job, especially with no notice. My resume speaks for itself and can be verified. At my... Read more

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sorry this is not Eco Water in Ocala or north Florida we do not sell ESD 2500 if you would check and see who the dealer was we would appreciate it we also do not make phone calls or cold calls to people moving into homes sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused if we can help you are phone number is 352 401-1818 give us a call we'd be glad to help

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We just moved into a new home in Ocala, FL. of course the moment you move in you start receieving calls from everyone and their mother trying to sell you something. Well within a few weeks of being in the home we started noticing the lime scale so we took ECO up on their offer and had someone stop by. We had actually had a test done before so we asked for them not test the water. He refused and said he did not get paid unless he tested the... Read more

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